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How long do the cocktails and products stay good for?
All of our products are considered shelf stable and do not need to be chilled for storage before opening, but after opening it is recommended to keep our products in a cool and shady place The cocktails' expiration date before they are opened is written on the product and ranges from 3 to 12 months.
How many servings do the bottles contain?
Our 200ml bottles contain a large portion size for an individual. Our 500ml bottles contain around 3-4 cocktail servings.
How are the contents of the cocktails made?
The cocktails are fresh and prepared on a daily basis. The recipes are originally made by the mixologist, Yotam Shilo. Our drinks are made with top-shelf alcohol and the highest quality syrups, jams, and fruit juices, all of which are prepared on-site. In order to complete the experience, we include in our deliveries a package of dried decorations that we prepare on-site-- free of charge!


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